Team building activities for teachers

One main objective of Birmingham teacher jobs is to equip the young generation with skills to be successful in the real world. Birmingham teacher jobs require teachers to work as a team with other teachers and also with the students. Several activities are carried to help in team-building with the aim of promoting communication and cooperation, and also to create a good learning environment. Also, principals have to conduct team-building activities to ensure that the teachers feel appreciated and they will be in a position to work as a unified team. Below are some of the team building activities that promote a friendly environment.

1. Creating a world of art

Creativity and playing are as significant to the teachers as it is for the students. One team-building activity for teachers is by taking an artistic approach with the aim of brainstorming shared goals or challenges. A large piece of paper is laid on the floor where the teachers are supposed to work as a team and come up with a piece of art that relates to the selected theme.

2. Two truths and one tall tale

In this activity, each teacher is supposed to introduce themselves with three truths where two are true, and the one is a lie. The other teachers are supposed to determine the tall tale of the three truths. This activity motivates the teachers to learn more about their fellow workmates and also it enables them to exercise their imagination.

3. Six degrees of separation

This activity makes each teacher work with a partner. The objective of this activity is making the teachers list at least five things they have in common. After listing, each partner has to find a new partner with at least one common interest in the list. The activity continues until each teacher has a common interest with every teacher in the room. This activity enhances the communication skills among teachers and also a great way of team bonding.